Barry Piper

Barry Piper, Chief Operating Officer, Asia, Faithful+Gould,
is standing for the position of Chair

My manifesto promise 2 years ago was to look forward to the future and ensure that we continued to build a sustainable Chamber.  A promise I have kept.  The Chamber is transforming, in mind and body, into a commercial corporate entity.  We have a new and more befitting constitution.  We have focused our energy on the Focus Groups so that they are truly the place where you as a member can get the most bespoke value.  Introduced greater transparency around ExCo and it functioning as a corporate board, and the highly successful Town Hall.  Re-invigorated the ExCo election process.  Created new member services including training, event management, chaperoning, and the Offshore Wind Hub.  All of which ultimately, making our Chamber stronger and ensuring that we deliver added value for you the member!

It has been an honour and privilege, one that I have really enjoyed, and one that I would like to continue.  Why?  Because, I have not finished.  There is still a lot more the Chamber and I can do to support British Business in these more challenging times.  I promise to continue to focus on how best you as a member can get greater value from the Chamber and in particular the Focus Groups, growing the Off Shore Wind Hub and creating other hubs, creating incubator services for our smaller members, and continuing to increase CSR activity.