Global Implications of Brexit

In this section you will find some member submitted views on the wider UK and Global implications of Brexit.


The UK’s vote to leave the EU has, even in the first few days since polling closed, had a profound impact on politics, business and the economy.  The country has been divided along, age, income and education grounds rather than the traditional party lines which will have far reaching effects on how domestic politics develops as well as the increasing anti-establishment sentiment that has a grow voice globally. Read more>>

Control Risks

In this article provided by Control Risks, the focus is on geopolitical impacts, economic impacts, security impacts and wide ranging European implications of the Brexit vote.  Opinion is given on the resurgence, globally, of nationalism, the increasing observance of anti-immigration sentiment and the potential negative impact the result may have on a number of pending UK trade deals.  The article goes on to discuss the key global areas and the impact/reactions to Brexit from US, China, Africa, Middle East and Russia.  Read more>>