Community Outreach Committee

About the COC

In June 2019, the British Chamber Shanghai's Community Outreach Committee (previous known as the CSR Committee) announced the launch of its reinvention to a holistic and sustainable platform, raising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awareness in the community as well as supporting member companies’ CSR activities.

This transformation leads the Chamber to turn from a simple fund-raising role to an integrated platform to:

  • Update members on legislation and regulations relevant to CSR in China
  • Recommend reliable charity organisations and volunteer opportunities
  • Promote members’ CSR activities via Chamber communication channel

What's New

British Chamber Shanghai Sponsored Heart to Heart Children Completed Heart Surgeries

In June 2019, the British Chamber Shanghai's Community Outreach Committee made a donation to Heart to Heart Shanghai sponsoring children for heart surgeries. So far three children have successfully completed their heart surgeries and are now recovering nicely. Click here to find out more about these children.

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[Charity Organisation Intro] Heart to Heart Shanghai 上海心连心

Heart To Heart Logo

Life-saving, life-changing and life-enhancing | 挽救生命 改变命运

Heart to Heart is a special fund of Ren De Foundation. We are a Shanghai based charity which provides corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart defects (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery. To date H2H has sponsored over 1,594 children for heart surgery. The surgeries not only saved their lives, but transformed the lives of their families. Click here for more details about Heart to Heart Shanghai.

Support Needed: Donations, Volunteering | Registered: Yes (registered through Rende Foundation in 2017) | Issue Fapiao: Yes

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Committee Members

Company Members:

deVere Group
GKN China Automotive
J. M. Gemini Personnel Ltd.
Rotork Actuation (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited
Smiths Group
St. James's Place

Individual Members:

Ian Crawford
Blair Kelly

If you would like to:

  • Recommend a charity organisation/volunteer opportunity
  • Share your company’s CSR activity/achievement
  • Apply to join the COC committee

Please contact

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