Dispose of Your E-waste – Join the [WE] Project

Published on 2016-09-01

In collaboration with Green Initiatives, the Chamber invites member to join the [WE] Project! From 1 to 30 September, drop by our office and dispose of your or your company’s e-waste here – we will then take them to a certified dismantling factory.

Download the attachments below for more details about the [WE] Project, and find out a full list of what kinds of e-waste can be recycled.

Contact Angel Ma to make an appointment before you make the delivery.

China generates roughly four million tons of e-waste each year. E-waste contain a lot of toxic materials, yet roughly 85% of this waste either goes directly to landfills or is recycled through informal processes, which are damaging our environment and are a risk to human health.  

The [WE] Project offers a systematic, transparent, safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your mobile phones, chargers, household appliances, computer screens and other unwanted electronic devices. This way we prevent e-waste from going to landfill or being treated in unsafe processes, and thus preventing toxins to be released into our water, soil and air.

Aiming to maximise the project’s impact and make e-waste recycling more accessible to the community, Green Initiatives is currently seeking sponsors to support the WE Project as their organisations’ CSR activity. For more details on how your company can get involved please write to we@greeninitiatives.co