Lifeline China

Published on 2020-07-06

Confidential support across China. We listen. We care.


Established in 2004, Lifeline provides the only English-speaking crisis helpline and online chat service in Mainland China. We are a 100% volunteer based, non-profit social entity and are a member of Lifeline International, which comprises of 17 countries across the globe.

Mental health is one of the largest health challenges the society faces. One in four people suffers from mental health distress during their lifetime, regardless of economic and social status, gender, age, or nationality. The topic of mental health has been greatly stigmatised in the global community. Therefore, it is our mission to change that narrative, so that individuals facing emotional distress are heard. At Lifeline we believe that mental health is crucial to each individuals well-being and health. We believe every individual has the right to be listened to in an anonymous and confidential environment.

Our dedicated and trained volunteers provide 12 hours of emotional support, from 10 am to 10 pm, every day through a telephone hotline and a Live Chat platform that was launched in October 2016. We deliver a responsive and empowering service for those facing life challenges, experiencing emotional difficulties, and/or having suicidal thoughts. We listen, support, and offer resources and referrals helping callers to take positive steps forward.

成立于2004年的Lifeline China 提供中国唯一以英语服务的电话和网上求助热线。Lifeline China100由志愿者建立的非营利组织并是Lifeline International在全球17个国家和地区的成员之一。Lifeline相信心理健康对人们的幸福生活至关重要。每个人都应有机会在匿名和保密的保障下倾诉及被聆听。



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