CSR Project 2017

The Chamber's Main CSR Project - Bright Eyes

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This care in the community project seeks to provide eye care treatment for the children of migrant workers in poor rural areas of China. Providing corrective eye glasses to young children with impaired vision improves their academic performance and, hence, a greater career opportunity for the future.

The project is focused on Schools in LiXin County, Anhui Province, a region that the Chamber has been supporting for almost a decade through classroom refurbishments and the supply of Libraries.

We work in partnership with the Lixin Charity Association to deliver these projects.

We also support the following projects through fundraising and other support.


CereCare is a residential treatment center that can currently accommodate up to 30 children with cerebral palsy. The Center provides a warm, loving environment combined with innovative therapies so that children afflicted by cerebral palsy can reach their potential for physical independence, intellectual achievement, and emotional security. 

The British Chamber have had a relationship with CereCare for a number of years, supporting a range of projects including the installation of a stair lift, air conditioning units and a new IT system.

The Library Project

The Library Project has been improving the literacy of rural children in China since 2006 through the donation of libraries to schools and orphanages in impoverished areas.

The Library Project has set up over 2,000 libraries and over 1.3 million books in just 10 years.

If you would like to support Bright Eyes, or would like information on any of our CSR work, then please contact Barry Kirkwood at barry.kirkwood@britishchambershanghai.org.