Training Sessions

Upcoming Training Sessions in 2021:

The Chamber also help member companies bridge and source training providers for internal tailor-made sessions. Some of the popular series for example:

  • 数据系列 Data series (about 9 topics under the modules of 数据思维 Data Thinking, 数据基础 Basic Data)
  • 职场效能  Workplace effectiveness (about 16 topics under the modules of 个人效能 Personal effectiveness, 软实力 Soft Skills, 商业故事 Business Storytelling, 商务演说 Business Presentation)
  • 中高层软实力与领导力 Soft and leadership skills for mid-level and senior managers (about 14 topics under the modules of 超级软实力 Advanced Soft Skills, 远程领导力 Remote leadership, 领导力 Leadership)

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Previous Training Sessions: