Conflict Management Workshop [Training School]

  • When:
    Thursday, 14 March 2019, 8:45am - 5:30pm
  • Where:
    Room Vancouver, ATLAS Workplace, 3F, Shanghai Agile International Plaza , 雅居乐国际广场三楼 寰图办公空间 温哥华会议室
    525 Xizang Middle Road
  • Price:
    Member Price: ONE training credit plus RMB 2,200, or RMB 3,000. Non-member Price: RMB 3,800. (This is a pre-paid event.)

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This workshop helps participants manage and resolve conflict that may emerge between teams or individuals.

By understanding the evolution of conflict, the underlying root cause of conflict, and the different ways to deal with conflict, the participants will be better prepared to deal with conflict in a manner that produces a positive outcome.

The case studies used during the course address a variety of work-related conflicts. The skills taught during the workshop apply to all workplace relationships including intra-personal relationships, inter-team and intra-team relationships, and client and supplier relationships.

Benefits for Participants

  • By completing this workshop, participants will:
  • Gain greater confidence by viewing conflict as an opportunity, not a threat
  • Examine a challenging business situation “from their point of view”
  • Improve personal effectiveness when faced with conflict
  • Improve teamwork skills using a win-win or win-not-lose resolution approach

Training Schedule 

8:45am Registration & Networking
9:00am Opening
9:30am Understanding Conflict

  • Quick Video: The Conflict Around Us…
  • Thoughts on Conflict
  • Small Group Discussion: Examples of Workplace Conflict (Positive / Negative)
  • Impact of Conflict in the Workplace
  • The Path to Conflict 
  • Case Study Exercise: Map the ‘Path the Conflict’

10:15am Participants complete “Conflict Management Style Questionnaire”

10:30am Break

10:45am Role-Play (Based on Path to Conflict case study)

  • 10 Minutes Planning
  • 5 Minutes Per Role-play 
  • Review and Feedback

11:45am Causes of Conflict

  • Quick Question: What causes conflict at work?
  • Cause 1: Different Perspectives / Sense and Nonsense (and case study discussion)
  • Cause 2: Hot Buttons and Catalysts (and case study discussion)

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Responses to Conflict

  • 8 Common Responses to Conflict
  • Conflict Style Questionnaire (Scoring Your Questionnaire)
  • Analysing Your Results
  • Case Study Discussion (optional, based on time)

2:00pm Preventing Conflict

  • Pick the right time, place, medium (and workbook exercise / case study discussion)
  • Use Effective Communication / Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Mini Role-Play (with suggested issues)
  • Debrief: Differences in Words, Voice, Body Language (during 2 parts of role-play)
  • Stop the Blame Game (with workbook exercises and case study discussion)
  • Focus on the Facts (and exercises)

3:00pm Break

3:15pm From Conflict to Collaboration

  • Stay Calm and Be FAIR (and exercise)
  • Listen Actively (and passive / active listening exercises)
  • Invite the Other Party’s Solution (and exercise)
  • Manage the deadlock (and small group discussion)
  • Responding to Deadlock: Tips & Hints

4:15pm Role-Play (Based on previous case study or a new one selected by the group)

  • 10 Minutes Planning
  • 5 Minutes Per Role-play 
  • Review and Feedback

5:15pm End of Day Wrap-Up

  • End of Day Discussion
  • Continuous Improvement / Action Planning
  • Evaluation forms

5:30pm End of Workshop

RSVP: (Click here to learn more about the Training Credits)

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Speaker Introduction

Jessica Zhao

Senior Consultant, Simitri

Jessica has over 15 years of management and leadership experience in technology and financial services industry in Asia. 

Prior to joining Simitri, Jessica was a Managing Director in Morgan Stanley, where she was the head of the China technology department. She grew the department from the ground up to more than 700 employees, and helped it to become a global core R&D center for Morgan Stanley. In her role, Jessica worked with stakeholders across the globe, built and developed effective teams that delivered global solutions which enabled Morgan Stanley to compete and win in the market place.

Before taking on the China technology role, Jessica was in charge of Morgan Stanley’s Asia sales & trading system development team. In this role, Jessica managed a regional development team spanning Tokyo, Hong Kong, and India, and delivered technologies that supported equity sales & trading activities across all Asian markets.

Today as a trainer and facilitator for Simitri, Jessica works with senior executives and teams in to develop their management skills, leadership style, communication effectiveness, and personal impact.

Jessica holds a Master of Business Administration from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo. Jessica grew up in China before pursuing her education in Canada. She has worked and lived in Tokyo and Hong Kong before moving back to China. She is fluent in English and Mandarin. 

Event contact

Hilary Wu