Online Interactive Workshop: Leadership & Communications Lessons Learned from COVID19

  • When:
    Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Where:
    This is an online workshop, 线上研讨会
  • Price:
    Member: RMB 300; Non-member: RMB 500(No training credit can be used for this workshop)


For companies across China, managing their operations during the ongoing Covid 19 outbreak has brought on unprecedented challenges. Across industries and functions, executives have struggled to lead their teams in an environment of fear, uncertainty, and confusing or even conflicting information. In such circumstances, leading teams and communicating effectively has been extremely difficult. Just as we seem to be set for a recovery in China, evidence is showing that we may be facing a double dip on a global level as the Corona Virus emerges in overseas markets.

What have we learned over the past 7 weeks and how can we apply these learnings in the coming months of potential uncertainty? Join Sino Associates CCO John Dorris and Sr. Consultant Dr. Laurie Underwood for a succinct recap of the key learning points regarding leadership and communication – as well as ideas and tips for the coming months. This webinar will cover:

  • Real case examples of what not to do
  • Success cases providing a template of what to do
  • Lessons learned from Crisis Management to serve leaders now and going forward
  • Best practices from Global Leadership to help managers to successfully "bridge" with all team members isolated by the health crisis


13:30 Log-in and introduction
13:35 Laurie Underwood
14:10 John Dorris
14:35 Q&A
15:00 Session Ends



This workshop will be held on Zoom (further instructions will be sent to registrants).

Speaker Introduction

John Dorris

Founder & Chief Cultural Officer, Sino Associates

John is a Founder and the Chief Cultural Officer of Sino Associates with more than 19 years of training, coaching, and facilitation experience in Asia, including 17 years of leadership development experience in China. John has developed tens of thousands of professionals in leadership practices across Asia and North America with a focus on Global Leadership and coaching leaders transitioning to new roles.

John is certified in 12 standard cross-cultural tools including assessments and training courses covering all major academic and business settings. His signature workshop on Diversity and Inclusion has been highly praised by fortune 100 companies, embassies and consulates across Asia.

His Global Leadership courses prepare leaders to create impact and drive results on international teams and leverage proprietary tools such Sino’s VAE and 3A. He has worked with supervisor to executive level leaders from every corner of the world to be more effective and strategic in international organizations.

John brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients through his rich international background having lived and worked in nine countries. Beyond to providing services to corporate clients, John has served as an APEC speaker on global balance in business and as an adjunct professor for HKU and Duke University on the topics of leadership and coaching.

Dr. Laurie Underwood

Senior Consultant, Sino Associates

Dr. Laurie A. Underwood is an American communications specialist, professor, and corporate trainer / consultant with 20+ years of work experience in Greater China. Her expertise in crisis management and communications stems from five years as corporate communications director Asia Pacific for Air Liquide, a F500 industrial gas company. She has successfully trained hundreds of executives in the knowledge, skills, and drills needed to ensure “crisis readiness” for teams spanning a wide range of functions and operations. Other areas of expertise include cross-cultural communications, presentation skills, media/social media strategy. She is the co-author of China CEO, China Entrepreneur, and the upcoming China CEO II (John Wiley, 2020). Dr Underwood holds an MBA from CEIBS and a DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management. She has lived and worked in Shanghai since 2002.

Event contact

Hilary Wu