What You Need to Know About China's New IIT Law(中文) [WEBINAR]

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    Monday, 14 January 2019, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
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Webinar | Jan 14, 2019 2:00PM – 3:00PM

在线讲座:新个税法热点解读 2018年8月31日第十三届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第五次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国个人所得税法〉的决定》第七次修正)。个税调整分两步走,其中,2018年10月1日起施行最新起征点(3,500元调整到5,000元)和税率,而新个税细则从2019年1月1日正式施行。 新个税细则中最受人事从业人员关注的热点及难点话题主要包括: • 六项专项附加扣除; • 累计预扣法; • 年终奖税费计算 在本次讲座中,我们将重点针对以上三大热点话题及相关政策在实操中的常见问题进行详细解读。讲座最后将进行在线问答环节帮助解决与会人员实际问题。 演讲嘉宾: Fuki Fu, 现任职于协力管理咨询(深圳)有限公司上海分公司人力资源及薪酬服务部助理经理,从事人力资源相关工作8年,持有人力资源管理师二级证书。Fuki Fu主要擅长领域包括人力资源咨询、社保合规咨询、薪酬与福利筹划以及个人所得税咨询等等。

Fuki Fu, Assistant Manager in Dezan Shira & Associates’ HR & Payroll team, will host a webinar to interpret the new IIT law. She will discuss the three key changes to the policy and how the new policy will be implemented in practice. On August 31, 2018, the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress notified amendments to the country’s existing Individual Income Tax Law (IIT). The revised IIT law, which marks a significant milestone to the PRC’s IIT system, was partially implemented in October 2018. At the time, the monthly threshold for individual income tax was adjusted from RMB 3500 to RMB 5000. On January 1, 2019, the new IIT law came into full effect. There are three hot topics that raise great social concerns: • the six (6) Additional Specific Deductible Items; • Accumulative withholding method; and, • Annual bonus policy In this webinar, we guide you through these newly released policies and interpret how these policies should be implemented to manage employees in your China business operations. Speaker Bio: Fuki Fu is the Assistant Manager of HR & Payroll services department of Dezan Shira & Associates Shanghai Branch. With more than 8 years’ working experience, Fuki provides professional services including Social Insurance Compliance Advisory, Compensation & Benefits Planning and Individual Income Tax Advisory. Fuki also holds a certificate of China HR Management(Level II).



Fuki Fu
Assistant Manager, Human Resources
Shanghai Office

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