Why UK Property Is Still the Best Investment [Showcase Session]

  • When:
    Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Where:
    Pearl 7, Conference Center 1/F, InterContinental Shanghai Puxi, 上海浦西洲际酒店会议中心1楼珍珠厅7号
    500 Heng Feng Road
  • Price:
    Free of charge for both members and non-members, including canapes, coffee & tea, and two drinks. RSVP required.

Non-member RSVP: Joanna.Zhang@britishchambershanghai.org

The British Chamber Shanghai invites members and non-members to listen to updates from Atlas Blue and partners, on how the recent political events will impact property prices in UK. Attendees will also be given information about an exciting opportunity to invest in exclusive stock in London. 

Despite the recent political changes in UK, property investment in the UK is still one of the safest investment options on the market. The talk will showcase a couple of attractive investment opportunities in London, including the exclusive launch of new Hammersmith, W6 London properties at an affordable GBP 400k for a convenient and desirable Zone 2 location.

尽管近期英国政坛发生了一系列变化,但英国房地产仍然是全球市场上最安全的投资选择之一。 因此,上海英国商会邀请商会会员和朋友参加这场如何合理投资伦敦房产的专题讲座。

本次活动我们有幸邀请到第一家进入中国市场的海外房产投资机构-图蓝地产(Atlasblue Property)的高级合伙人George Treacher先生和曹爱强先生,为您揭示在伦敦的一系列投资机会,其中包括40万英镑起价的伦敦西二区哈默史密斯(hammersmith)黄金地段的公寓项目 (绝版地段,稀缺房源,仅售20套)。此外,二位还将就近期一些政治事件是否会对英国房地产价格带来影响展开深入的讨论和分析。(本活动将以中英文进行) 

About Atlas Blue Property

Atlas Blue Property is an international real estate consultancy and brokerage, focusing on Asian based clients who invest in property overseas. Our research, acquisition, due diligence and property management services allow for a fully managed investment solution for those clients wising to purchase or immigrate abroad. Atlas Blue Property works in a number of key locations around the world with a focus on good value urban centers for example, London, New York and various cities in Florida. Our approach is to find exclusive developments in these areas that will beat the market average, and by using the proper legal representation we can offer our clients the best possible return whilst limiting the downside risk. Visit the website for more information - www.atlasblp.com

Non-member RSVP: Joanna.Zhang@britishchambershanghai.org

<Showcase Session> is a service that the Chamber is offering to business members. Through the <Showcase Session>, member companies will have the opportunity to introduce and promote their services and products to interested British Chamber Shanghai members and non-members.  Please contact click here for more details. 

Speaker Introduction

George Treacher

George is partner with Atlas Blue Property an overseas real estate investment company, in charge of running operations across all aspects of real estate investment from sourcing projects, organising cross border marketing and showcase events, to helping clients get exchanged have their investments managed. 


曹爱强,研究生,CORE上海核心投资管理有限公司合伙人,Atlasblue Property 图蓝地产合伙人。曹先生致力打造海外地产投资一体化平台,帮助国内投资者寻求稳健收益的海外地产投资机会,过去七年以累计完成数亿美元海外房产资产配置及投资。

Event contact

Joanna Zhang
+86 21 6218 5022