[中文活动] 税改及共享经济时代下的灵活用工 Flexible Working & Employment in the Age of ‘Shared’ Economy

  • When:
    Monday, 10 June 2019, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Where:
    KPMG Office (Plaza 66, Tower 2, 25/F), , 恒隆广场2期25楼
    1266 Nanjing Xi Lu
  • Price:
    RMB 100 including snacks, tea & coffee. Members only.

中文活动。 This event is conducted in Chinese. 

进入2019 年,各大企业裁员风波接踵而至,此前滴滴出行、京东、知乎等纷纷被爆出裁员,阿里巴巴也停止了社招……经济形势在不确定的情况下,传统的员工直雇模式让企业陷入了前所未有的困境。一方面,企业产生了诸多临时、短期以及批量的灵活用工需求。如何将经济寒冬的危机转化为对企业及员工的全新机遇,是每一个人力资源主管都需要思考的问题。另外,税改背景下的薪酬管理、用工关系变革给企业管理带来了巨大挑战。利用人力资源管理创新为企业赋能,也可能是企业在新的经济形式下实现弯道超车的关键。


基于这样的背景和思考,上海英国商会人力资源行业小组邀请演讲嘉宾刘云 (精派咨询创始人&CEO,工商管理博士)周承昊上海才赋人力资源科技有限公司BPO中心总经理,共同探讨人力资源灵活用工管理创新的出路,以及推动企业人才建设和人力资源管理的进程。


  • 新税政策下,企业灵活用工的重新定义及风险防范
  • 共享经济下,企业如何通过灵活用工降低成本
  • 灵活用工在严峻复杂的经济形势下的价值和发展趋势
  • 灵活用工的最佳实践及客户案例分享

活动议程 | Agenda

2.00-2.30pm 注册、社交 | Registration & Networking
2.30-2.35pm 开场致辞 | Opening Introduction
2.35-3.35pm 主题分享、问答环节 | Presentation with Q&A
3.35-4.00pm 社交 | Networking

场地赞助 | Venue Sponsor


It has been a major discussion that China has entered the stage of economy slowdown in 2019 and the following years. This trend has been already shown the impact on all the industries, including new retails, IT, online and internet business. 

Largest China’s online platforms and new internet businesses such as DIDI, JD.com, Zhihu.com started layoffs to avoid the drop in business performance. Alibaba also stopped society recruitment. Under the pressure of uncertain economic situation, the traditional model of full-time direct labour relationships between employee and enterprise loses its position and enterprises search for new forms of employment. There is growing interest forward temporary staffing, short-term or project-based recruitment and flexible working for certain groups of employees.

So the main question is how to turn economic challenges into new opportunities?

This is the new priority for every member of a HR team. In addition, new tax policy bring reform in salary management and overall employee relationship. So it gets more important to drive innovations in HR process and implement smart solutions that can work efficiently in new economy. Now it’s time for HR team to be a leader in companies’ transformation. What are the best practices in flexible working and employment? What skill set must be developed for employment optimisation in top enterprises?

Based on these questions, British Chamber Shanghai's HR Focus Group invites HRDs in the new retail industry to explore the innovation of flexible working management from the HR perspective and explore talent development and HRM process.

Topics to be discussed:

  • New definition of flexible working and employment. Risk management for employer under new tax policy.
  • How to reduce costs through flexible employment in new ‘shared’ economy?
  • Flexible working and employment in new economy. Trends & Advantages.            
  • Flexible working and employment: Best Practice, Case Study.

No-show Policy: Please note you must cancel your reservation in writing to the event contact staff 24 hours in advance. No-shows without prior notification will be charged a no-show fee of RMB100. 

Walk-in Policy: Please note that members who attend the event without prior reservation will be charged an extra walk-in fee of RMB50 if spaces are still available.

Speaker Introduction

刘云 Jack Liu

精派咨询创始人&CEO | 工商管理博士 | Founder & CEO of Jingpai Consulting; Doctor of Business Administration

本次活动分享主题:灵活用工对企业人力资源管理的影响与挑战 | Sharing Topic: Flexible Staffing Challenges for HR Management

刘云先生拥有15年人力资源高管经历,同时也是国家管理咨询师,Everything DiSC认证讲师、任多家企业常年管理顾问。 他曾经先后担任过达升物流人力资源负责人,起航教育副总经理,以及全筑集团人力资源总经理。刘云先生擅于战略人力资源管理、人才发展、培训体系搭建、企业文化建设、职业规划指导以及团队激励等专业领域。 

Jack has 15 years’ experience in the HR industry on executive National consulting level. He is a Founder & CEO of Jingpai Consulting as well as certified Lecturer and Facilitator of Everything DiSC. Jack conducts Permanent Administration Advisory to a few China Enterprises.

Previously, Jack has been working as in house HR leader in Headwin Logistics, vice president in Qihang Education and HR General Manager in Trendzone.

His fields of expertise: strategic human resource management, talent development, training system construction, corporate culture construction, career planning guidance, team incentives, and etc.

周承昊 Stone Zhou

总经理,业务流程外包 & 海外用工咨询,才赋人力科技 | Head of BPO and Global Employment Services, Fortune HRTech

本次活动分享主题:零工经济下的灵活员工 | Sharing Topic: Flexible Staffing in Gig-economy

毕业于华东师范大学,现就读于英国曼彻斯特大学MBA。在人力资源服务领域拥有超过10年的从业经验,先后在FESCO Adecco,CDP担任高级管理岗位。擅长组织和实施包括通用类岗位外包,终端零售外包,制造工段外包等灵活用工服务,高效率合规化地为企业解决招聘及员工管理等问题。

Stone Zhou graduated from East China Normal University and is currently studying in MBA at the University of Manchester.

Stone has more than 10 years of experience in the field of human resource services and held senior management positions in FESCO Adecco, CDP Group. Currently, Stone works for Fortune HRTech, a strategic partner of Manpower Group for HR outsourcing service. He is Head of BPO and Global Employment Services.

Stone has successfully managed and implemented temporary employment service solutions for General Staffing, Retail and Manufacturing Industry. These solutions can help enterprises to avoid challenges with recruitment, legal compliance and employment management.

Event contact

Hilary Wu