Annual General Meeting 2011 Details Confirmed

Published on 2011-04-09

The Chamber invites card-holding members to attend the Annual General Meeting 2011 on 20 April to meet their new Executive Committee and participate in deciding on the resolution being put forth.

Votes are being cast and the date is set. The British Chamber of Commerce invites its members to attend the [Annual General Meeting 2011]( on Wednesday, 20 April, 6:30pm, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

**All members of the Chamber who hold a current membership card are entitled to attend the AGM but must REGISTER IN ADVANCE**. Voting members may nominate a substitute (this must be done formally in writing).

Ballot papers were sent to all voting members on Monday, 28 March. If you believe you are a voting member and you have not received your ballot paper, then please contact Executive Director Phil Roebuck at, Tel: +86 21 6218 5022 ext. 27.

#Resolutions to Be Put to the AGM

Notice is hereby given that the following resolution will be put to the AGM:

1. **The procedure for nominating and approving candidates for election to the Executive Committee shall be clarified:**

*A voting Member of the Chamber may nominate any other voting Member for any vacant position on the Executive Committee, however, a limit is placed on numbers to ensure an orderly and fair election process. That is, no voting Member may stand for more than two positions at any one time. All duly nominated candidates for all vacant positions must be approved by a majority of the existing Committee.*

Copies of the tracked and clean versions of the constitution are available at the office for any member wishing to obtain a copy.