Business Manager - FESCO Adecco

Published on 2019-08-12

FESCO is looking for an experienced and qualified candidate to be the business manager of a cosmetic company located in Shanghai, Qingpu.

City: Shanghai, Qingpu

About the Company

Global cosmetic OEM/ODM turnkey service provider. Service scope includes formulation development, packaging development, product manufacturing, legal compliance consulting, logistic service, etc. Product category covers color cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and nail polish.


1) Formulate the work plans for group's business negotiation at all stages

2) Strong business negotiation ability

3) Establish a good image of the enterprise, provide perfect customer consultation services, understand customer needs

4) Be responsible for drafting and perfecting negotiation process and organizing business negotiation

5) Complete collection, qualification of clients and suppliers as well as price comparison, contract signing and follow-up maintenance

6) Responsible for the management and analysis of business statements

7) To guide the staff of the Department to carry out their work, and actively promote the accomplishment of the overall management objectives of the team

8) Other tasks assigned by management


1) Bachelor degree or above

2) Obtaining and tracking market information, good market judgment ability and exploitation ability

3) Over five years’ experience in foreign business negotiation

4) Be good at negotiation and communication skills, understand relevant contract law provisions and market operation mode

5) Be upright, rigorous, meticulous and patient; have good professional ethics; have a positive personality, work conscientiously and responsibly

6) Strong observation and adaptability, excellent interpersonal communication and coordination ability, strong social activity ability

7) Good image and temperament

Contact & Application:

Please sent your CV and motivation letter to: