BritCham Shanghai SME Helpdesk - extends to the end of July

Published on 2020-05-26

Launched in April, the BritCham Shanghai SME Helpdesk programme offers small and medium-sized members Free Consultations with volunteer experts on legal, accounting, finance, business strategy, human recourses and policies related enquiries.

To respond to members' needs and new challenges, the Chamber has decided to extend the programme for another two months until the end of July. We are also delighted to introduce two more volunteers: 

Maggie Hu 

China Immigration Manager, Santa Fe Relocation 
Member of Small and Medium Enterprises Committee at British Chamber Shanghai

  • Pro bono advice on immigration, including Visa and immigration consulting; visa pre-screening, tracking and renewal, and cancellation services
  • Pro bono advice on employment services including permit application advice and application support
  • Pro bono advice to the foreign small and medium businesses who are currently still stationed in their home country while ungently needing to move home or storage solutions during COVID-19

Peter Law 

Partner, Tax Service, MAZARS China

  • Offshore outsourcing services: advice on procedures and documents required, which are eligible for VAT zero-rate treatment or VAT exemption:
  1. ITO (information technology outsourcing services);
  2. BPO (technical business process outsourcing services);
  3. KPO (technical knowledge process outsourcing services).
  • Outbound payment (notably to the overseas affiliates): brief contract review and analyse relevant tax implications and Assess the feasibility of possible treaty benefits;
  • Technology Transfers:  Different VAT treatment adapt to the technology transfer to a domestic or an overseas buyer, including
  1. Transferring to a domestic buyer is eligible for VAT exemption. A taxpayer does not pay output VAT, but the input VAT for expenses it incurs which related to developing the technology cannot be credited;
  2. Transferring to an overseas buyer is subject to VAT zero-rate. A taxpayer not only does not pay VAT on the transfer, but is also entitled to full input VAT credits (and if applicable, refunds). It should meet the requirement of ‘fully consumed overseas’. That means the actual recipient is overseas and the intangible assets are used overseas entirely and unrelated to goods and immovable properties in China.

More Volunteers:

Jasmine Chen
Legal Director, China, Weir Group
State Certified Psychological Counsellor in China
Member of Legal & Compliance Committee at British Chamber Shanghai

  • Pro bono advice on different kinds of legal issues in relation to COVID-19 and related impacts upon business (eg. contractual performance, force majeure, employment, AR collection, potential disputes, etc.)
  • Pro bono advice on business and risk management strategies in reaction to COVID-19 (eg. crisis/emergency management, supply chain disruption, legal risks mapping and scenario planning)
  • Pro bono coaching or counselling advice to SME owners or employees in regards to impacts upon career/mental health in relation to COVID-19

Christine Wang
Head of Business Development, Tricor China
Member of Small & Medium Enterprises Committee at British Chamber Shanghai

  • Provide SMEs with advisory on HR payroll calculation, Individual Income tax, salary payment, staff termination during the specified dates and the period of suspension for restarting of operation due to COVID-19;
  • Provide ‘Keep the light on’ solution on minimum compliance maintenance for local entities;
  • Provide SMEs with advisory and guidance on company structure adjustment, corporate changes, licensing, regulatory compliance, deregistration.

Joanne Wood
Chairman, Capital Eight
Chair Emeritus of Financial Services Committee at British Chamber Shanghai

  • Work with SMEs to review their financial health and devise a crisis-focused financial budget;
  • Assist SMEs to develop a financial plan for recovery, aligned with strategic initiatives;
  • Advise on options for maximising cashflow generation;
  • Explore different scenarios under which SMEs might survive better and longer;
  • Advise on available options to obtain cash and/or a credit lifeline.

Sun Yanjun
Founder and CEO, STAR Accounting & Consulting
Director of Expert Committee, Shanghai Association of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services 
Member of Chinese Returnee UK Alumni Committee at British Chamber Shanghai

  • Pro bono company incorporation - Consultations for SMEs in formation process, avoiding the common traps;
  • Pro bono bookkeeping and tax declaration;
  • Economic park selecting - STAR has a vast network in economic park sector, which provides an advantage in searching for suitable company incorporation location, facilitating SMEs in their application for preferential policy support, and finalising the most appropriate site.

Will Zhou
Senior Lawyer, Dentons
Member of Legal & Compliance Committee at British Chamber Shanghai

  • Provide legal advice on salary payment during quarantine, salary cutting, terminations, dismissals and redundancies and other labour-related issues during the outbreak of the epidemic for SMEs to ensure law and regulations compliance, timely updates new changes and all HR policies in accordance with relevant labour law and local regulations in place; In addition, to provide brief guidance and suggestions for highly complex and challenging labour-related matters in means of both litigation and non-litigation;
  • Advise management and HR team of SMEs on employee disciplinary actions, performance problems, productivity barriers, and other issues to resolve disputes;
  • Provide assistance to SMEs with the enquiries in relation to contractual concerns such as remedy for the breach, enforcement and termination of various commercial contracts in the context of force majeure arising from COVID-19 epidemic.

If you would like to seek for consultation, please email  If you or your company would like to contribute to the helpdesk, please contact Jun Wang.