Live Lounge Podcast: "Corporate Innovation and Intrepreneurship – The Future of Disruption” (S2/E2)

Published on 2019-08-06

This is our second episode of Season Two in the Live Lounge Podcast Series, where we discuss Corporate Innovation and Intrepreneurship – The Future of Disruption.


Order of Play:

01:05 The role of the entrepreneur and start-ups within Intel (Kapil)
03:02 The process of internal start-ups (Kapil)
04:23 How does internal culture prevent innovation from happening? (Kapil)
06:31 As a third-party, how do you manage the institutional systems? (Brian)
08:24 Creating environment conditions where people feel ownership? (Luuk)
09:38 How does it work in Microsoft for Start-Ups? (Summer)
11:57 The next phase of transformation at Shiseido and its start-ups culture (Carol)
15:38 What the appetite for failure in big corporations like Shiseido? (Jill/Carol)
17:06 How we manage this at Intel (Kapil)
19:56 Innovation as a service. It’s not about KPIs (Summer)
20:46 We don’t have the luxury of no KPIs (Carol)
22:20 How did the partnership work with the third-party? (Kapil)
24:10 Entrepreneurs working inside the business (Luuk)
25:45 The difference between working with multi-national and Chinese private or State-Owned business in China (Luuk)
28:25 Social innovation and innovation for impact (Brian)
32:20 Sustainability as a business asset and China’s progress (Luuk)
34:04 Microsoft for startups looking at how AI can help society (Summer)
34:27 Shiseido and the ‘for good’ movement (Carol)
35:28 What are the first steps in kick-starting the innovation process? (All)
40:20 Audience question: Is intrepreneurship really taking the same risk as entrepreneurship? (Brian)
41:30 Audience question: How is China doing ‘innovation’ differently from other markets? (Kapil/Luuk)
44:02 Close

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