Mini Lounge Podcast: Managing Cross-Cultural Teams in China (S2/E3)

Published on 2019-10-09

This is our third episode of Season Two in the Live Lounge Podcast Series, and in this episode, we bring you a fascinating broadcast about the benefits and challenges of Managing Cross-Cultural Teams in China.

Order of Play (minutes):
01:20 What are the challenges managers face in China?
02:00 Challenges and the importance of relationships (Peter)
03:00 Taking a different approach to recruiting teams (Bessie)
05:45 How important is to recruit local teams versus bringing in home country talent?
08:00 Powerplay between the international headquarters (HQ) and the China team brings unique challenges (Steven)
12:08 People who succeed in China have a fascination with China compared with those stay only for a couple of years because it looks good on the CV (Peter)
16:02 Mindest of the CEO and corporate culture plays a big role in the success in China (Bessie)
17:48 China's method is to move fast using 'scruffy innovation' and the methods are not like how they are done in London (Peter)
19:37 How does operational structure help or hinder the productivity of the teams in China? (Steven)
22:15 Those who survive economic slow-down are those who continue to quietly adapt. Being flexible is important. (Bessie)
24:37 What's the main piece of advice you can give to those wanting to work in China or launch a team in China? (Steven)
24:57 My biggest failure is about assuming the back-end support was solid, when in fact we had a RMB40 billion mismatch of financial records. (Bessie)
27:40 Most of my time was spent finding and building relationships with people to sustain better teams (Peter)
29:00 It's very hard to find the balance between personal and business relationships in China (Peter)