Tech Fluency: a Foundation of Future Careers

Published on 2017-09-08

Deloitte has published a report on the growing role of technology in business and the increasing importance of tech fluency.

Technology is advancing at a rapidly accelerating pace, making it more important than ever to employ workers who are adaptable and have an endless capacity to learn. For companies to effectively compete in the digital economy, they need to be agile and have a flexible culture. An agile company with adaptable workers is more capable of nurturing a shared foundation of tech fluency than its competitors.

Tech fluency is becoming an increasingly important trait for workers in every sector, not just those working in IT. Just as IT workers have long been encouraged to “speak the language of business”, workers in business must now learn to speak the language of IT. If all workers become more tech fluent this will create a shared understanding of enterprise technologies and their possibilities. This collective imagination is necessary to move beyond the way things are done today and toward a new strategic and operational future. Foreseeing and continuously adapting to changes in technology is now essential to a company’s survival.

To read more on this topic, please download the full copy of Deloitte’s Tech Fluency Review attached below.