It’s time to accelerate the pace of change 勠力同心, 加快变革步伐

Published on 2020-01-13

PwC China’s FY19 Corporate Responsibility Report 普华永道中国2019财年企业责任报告

Now more than ever, we consider our role as a responsible business to be vital for shaping positive impacts for society at a scale that transcends boundaries and backgrounds. Corporate Responsibility (CR) is embedded in the very purpose of our business – building trust in society and solving important problems – and is a tangible demonstration of our values.

To solidify our commitment, in 2015 we identified a set of Corporate Responsibility ambitions to achieve by 2020. They aimed to enhance our societal impact, and ensure a consistent and long-term approach to our CR programme. I’m pleased to share with all our stakeholders that those 2020 CR ambitions have been achieved ahead of schedule, and this report highlights how these milestones have been reached.

如今,我们越发意识到,通过企业的负责任的商业运营可以为社会带来多领域、多元的积极影响。普华永道中国将企业责任融入自身使命: 解决重要问题,营造社会诚信。这同时也是我们价值观的切实体现。


Full report can be downloaded below