Echo Zhang 张琳琳

Echo Zhang 张琳琳Echo is originally from Xinjiang, started her business after graduating Anhui University with a double major in Sociology and Administrative Management. In September, she has been accepted by Hong Kong Baptist Universitytostudy a phD in Sociology. It has been 7 years since she first started her business. Last year, her company sold 4 million scarves, and achieved sales revenue of RMB 150 million. The company is currently employing around 100 employees excluding the factory employees. Echo is an entrepreneur and a mother; she has handled her work/life balance very well and believes her success comes from her supportive husband and belief in Christianity. Echo knows a community of female entrepreneurs who are very similar to her, she believes if she can take place in the VOW project, she will be able to bring the experience back and share it with them.

张琳琳来自新疆,毕业后开始创业。她毕业于安徽大学,主修社会学和行政管理,并于今年九月就读香港浸会大学博士班社会学专业。她已创业7年,公司在去年出售400万条围巾,收入达到1亿5千万元,从业人员约100名工厂员工除外。张琳琳是一个企业家和一位母亲,她一边工作一边生活维持了很好的平衡,她相信她成功来源与非常支持她的丈夫和自己的信仰- 基督教。张琳琳认识许多女性企业家们,她们都非常相似。她认为在参加“誓愿”行动之后,她将能够把经验带回来并与她们分享。

Company Summary 公司简介 - The Morning Antelope 羚羊早安
The Morning Antelope was founded in 2008. We focus on the diverse fields of the scarf, such as woolen, cashmere, pure silk and the clothing accessories, etc. There are warehousing, customer service, operations, design departments and so on, totally employing around 100 employees excluding the factory employees.


我们的产品 OUR Product

Brand advocacy "anything but ordinary" as our standard of design and lifestyle. Our brand is famous for its ‘literary, intellectual, detail and elegance’ in the Internet. Now, our business is not only on the ALI series online shop (such as Taobao and TMall.), but also covers the Vipshop, SUNING and the other influential network platforms. We also have started to set up an offline shop.