Kasen Xia 夏晨

Kasen Xia 夏晨Kasen is from Suzhou and studied International Tourism and Hospitality in Switzerland. She works in the Modern Agricultural Development as a Director of Strategic Development. The business has about 500 employees with a net profit of RMB100 million. As a leading position in the company, she has been challenged for being a woman. She is young and is working hard to combine traditional agriculture with new technology. Kasen believes that after taking place in the VOW project, she can share her experiences to influence other young independent women who are being treated differently in the workplace and share the thought of not limiting themselves to just “feminine” industries. At the same time, she could expand her global views - take a look at British farms and agricultural enterprises. Kasen is a young, hardworking woman who learns from her mistakes and is not afraid to try new ideas.


Company Summary 公司简介 - NongBenShangPin (Jiangsu) Modern

Agriculture Development Co., Ltd 农本尚品(江苏)现代农业开发有限公司

Kasen_Xia_1NongBenShangPin (Jiangsu) Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive agricultural enterprise that engages modern agriculture park planning, development, construction and management; and also all kinds agriculture and sideline products, agriculture technology and equipment research and trade.

The company invested in the construction project of “Xuyi Modern Agriculture and Leisure Tourism Industry Park” in Xuyi, Huai’an, Jiangsu. The planning area of the park is 100,000 mu (6666 hectare) and the expected investment is RMB 5.2 billion. The current phase of the project covers an area of 20,000 mu (1333 hectare) and the modern efficient agriculture facility covers more than 70% of it. The area of planting zone is based on the sales orders to plan in order to reduce the risk of the park. For the employment we give priority to the local farmers. After training the qualified farmer, they will be signed as a full-time contract worker. This helps to improve the income of local farmers'. After the completion of this modern agriculture park, it will be a new benchmark and standard for comprehensive agriculture development and modern agriculture development in Yangtze River Delta area.