Huaizhen Yang 杨怀珍, Sanpower Group三胞集团

Huaizhen Yang 杨怀珍Mrs. Huaizhen Yang, born in 1963, President of Sanpower Group, Chairlady of two A-share listed companies: Nanjing Cenbest and Jiangsu Hiteker. She also acts as representative at People’s Congress of Nanjing and mentor for MPAcc students from Nanjing University. Mrs. Yang was elected twice as Chinese Retail Person of the Year during 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. She also received awards such as 10 Outstanding Chinese Economic Figures 2013, Chinese CEO of the Year 2013, 10 Females with Wealth Wisdom 2013, etc. Mrs. Yang ranks No.40 on Forbes China 2015 Chinese Business Women list.


Company Summary 公司简介 - Sanpower Group 三胞集团有限公司

Sanpower Group is a Multinational Corporation specialized in five major sectors: Finance & Investment, Retail & Trading, Information Services, Medical & Health Care, and Real Estate. Sanpower holds a number of public companies in China, Hong Kong and the U.S., including Jiangsu Hiteker, Nanjing Cenbest, IDT International, Mecox Lane and JinpengYuankang. It also owns major companies home and abroad such as Funtalk Telecommunications, Hirealty Real Estate, Guangzhou Jinpeng, China Newsweek,, House of Fraser (UK), Brookstone (U.S.), and Natali (Israel). With 85,000 global employees and RMB 85 billion annual sales, Sanpower ranks No.160 on Top 500 Chinese Companies 2015 list.

三胞集团有限公司,是一家集金融投资、商贸流通、信息服务、健康医疗、地产开发五大板块于一体的大型现代化企业集团。集团现拥有宏图高科、南京新百、麦考林、万威国际、金鹏源康等多家上市公司,以及乐语通讯、宏图地产、广州金鹏、中国新闻周刊、拉手网、英国House of Fraser、美国Brookstone、以色列Natali等海内外知名企业,全球员工总数超过8.5万人。2015年,集团以850亿元的年销售额名列中国企业500强第160位。