Are you 'China Ready'? “誓愿”行动遇见跨国高端酒店企业——洲际酒店集团

“誓愿”行动英国第二站设立在总部位于英国的跨国酒店企业——洲际酒店集团(IHG Group)。

9:00am, 13 October

10月13日上午9点,集团大中华区企业事务副总裁Sharona Tao女士以及中国出境旅游项目总监Drew Davy先生为大家简短地介绍了洲际酒店集团的概况以及“China Ready”项目。该项目由集团精心开发,旨在为广大中国出境游旅行者提供如家般温暖周到的旅行体验。

A briefing session for the VOWers took place at 9am at Crowne Plaza, where Sharona Tao- Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Greater China along with Drew Davy- Programme Director China Outbound at IHG briefed the ladies about InterContinetal Hotels Group and the ‘China Ready’ Programme which is a certified programme preparing its hotels to welcome the Chinese travellers a home-away-from-home experience.


所有由“China Ready”项目授权的酒店将为中国宾馆提供专属的“洲道”服务,其中包括欢迎礼包(通晓中文的酒店前台员工与始终守候的24小时中文热线)、精美餐饮(尤其是中式精选早餐)、特选中文频道和银联刷卡服务。同时,集团将对为员工开设中国文化的培训课程,以使其更好地了解宾客的需求。

All China Ready certified hotels would have the service of providing their Chinese travellers additional services, including receiving a welcome pack in Chinese upon arrival, either having a Chinese speaking staff at the front desk or someone 24/7 available for phone support, provide a variety of Chinese food and beverages (especially Chinese-style breakfast) that is suited to the Chinese travellers taste, offer Chinese TV Channels in the room, the acceptance of Union Pay Cards, and also IHG would provide training to hotel staff about Chinese Culture, to understand more about the Chinese travellers and further understand their needs.


而我们“誓愿”小队的任务,就是在洲际Park Lane酒店当一回“试睡员”,向集团“China Ready”项目反馈此次体验。听起来极具诱惑力!同时,五朵金花们也需要给出自己的建议,以完善此项目的方方面面。

The task given to the VOW ladies this time round was to provide feedback for the Chinese Ready Programme as IHG kindly provided accommodation for the VOWers at InterContinental Park Lane, a certified China Ready hotel. Secondly, the ladies were asked to provide suggestions on how the programme could be improved.

9:00am, 14 October

10月14日早上9点,在一夜幸福的试睡过后,姑娘们齐聚IHG Park Lane酒店的会议室开始了忙碌的工作。Sharona女士亲临现场,为大家答疑解惑。整个讨论会一直持续到下午,之后,我们的“誓愿”小队奔赴洲际酒店集团位于Denham的总部。

After breakfast, the ladies gathered in a meeting room in InterContinental Park Lane to discuss about the task with Sharona to answer any questions when needed. The team worked through lunch and headed to the IHG Headquarters based in Denham afterwards.




The VOWers arrived at InterContinental Hotels Group Headquarters.



两点,导师Angela Brav——洲际酒店集团欧洲区CEO,热忱地欢迎金花们的到来。

The mentor Angela Brav- CEO of InterContinental Hotels Group Europe arrived and greeted the VOWers.


两点10分,姑娘们针对她们前一晚的体验,向China Ready项目给予了自己的反馈,并给出了一些建议,包括提供更为专属的个人定制服务,注重微信营销等。

VOW ladies presented their feedback on their stay and the China Ready Programme as well as suggesting ways in which the programme could be improved including standardizing services but also personalizing services, and also enhancing marketing through popular Chinese platform- WeChat.



Angela女士认为金花们提到的微信营销是一个十分吸引人的建议,当即就下载了微信APP。她相信,这种新型的互联网营销模式值得IHG 在未来投入更多的关注。

Angela was fascinated by the facts presented about WeChat and decided to download the app on the spot. She believed this would be something to look into in the future when marketing towards the Chinese travellers.



On the topic of work-life balance, Angela shared with the group from her own experiences the hard truth- there is no work-life balance. Her suggestion to the ladies was to look at work-life balance through a period of time rather than to measure it in one single day as she believed that to reach the top, the hours have to be put in.



The meeting wrapped up and goodbyes were in order. It was another successful day for the VOW project as both the VOWers and Mentor were able to learn from each other.